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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to:

  • Travel to work without sitting in traffic?

  • Significantly cut down on commuting expenses?

  • Take up a new fitness endeavor that offers major cardiovascular, strength, and all around health benefits?

  • Enjoy a leisurely way to run errands and travel around town?

  • Discover a healthy outdoor activity to enjoy family members and friends?

Well, exploring bicycling might be your answer. If you have been put off by the rumored hefty price tag associated with a buying new bicycle, I can put this rumor to rest. While there is no doubt that purchasing a bicycle is an investment  – any experienced biker can tell you that the extra dollars spent on a bicycle are well worth it – investing in a bicycle doesn’t have to break the bank. Purchasing a used bicycle is the perfect solution. Used bicycles offer the same benefits as new bicycles…often with half the price tag. No matter what you spend on a bicycle, what you will gain will pay you dividends in return.

On a Saturday afternoon several years ago, my son and I decided we were going to take up bike riding as a way to get out of the house, take advantage of the few dwindling weeks left of summer, and of course to enjoy other’s company. We went to our local bicycle store, took a few used bikes out for a test ride, and ended up taking two new (to us) bikes home with us. We had no idea just how much we would benefit from this one spontaneous trip to the used bicycle store.

Through biking, we have been able to create our adventures within our own neighborhood, and explore areas we never would have if it weren’t for our bicycles. We’ve taken day trips to nearby towns…as well as to trails several hours away. We’ve spent countless Saturdays loading up our bikes on the top of the car, and not returning home until the sun was setting. We’ve taken our bicycles with us during family road trips – there is no better way to explore a new town than by riding through areas you normally would never explore on foot.

During the summer months, I bike to work several days a week – and experience renewed sense of clarity and calm that I certainly don’t have after sitting in bumper to bumper traffic! Plus it gives my wallet a nice break from the cost of gas.

If you want to explore all bicycling can offer you, give it a try and start off your new adventure by investing in a used bicycle. You will be amazed at where it will take you!